PWMMC 2018-2020

The PWMMC is a two-year genetic evaluation measuring wool, meat and growth traits of entrant's individual wethers.

Over the duration of the PWMMC more than 60,000 individual records to be collected, analysed and reported. This information provides both the entrants and the wider Merino sheep industry with tools to accurately determine the genetic merit of a range of traits affecting profitability.

The PWMMC has two components consisting of a Meat Challenge and Wool Challenge.  The Meat Challenge measures commercially relevant carcase and meat traits under feedlot conditions.  The Wool Challenge wethers are run on pasture and analysed over two years.

The PWMMC is convened by Craig Wilson and Associates. Craig Wilson has over 14 years experience in conducting research and evaluation in eight locations across New South Wales.

The PWMMC is supported by Moses and Son, Sally Martin Consulting, Fletchers International Exports, Conqueror Milling Co, Australian Wool Innovation and Zoetis.

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About Peter Westblade

Peter Westblade was born in Lockhart, NSW and left school at age 16 and established himself by buying his grandfather’s 400 hectare farm with 10 per-cent deposit and 90 per cent borrowed money.


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PWMMC Sponsors

The 2014-2016 PWMMC is generously supported by;


  • Zoetis formerly Pfizer Animal Health
  • ...

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PWMMC 2012-2014

The Peter Westblade Memorial Challenge 2012-2014 honours the late Peter Westblade, who was a passionate poll merino breeder from Lockhart in NSW.

The Merino Challenge ...

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"Your chance to be part of Australia's largest commercial Merino genetic evaluation."

Australia’s largest ever commercial evaluation of Merino genetics The Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge (PW...

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