About Peter Westblade

Peter Westblade was born in Lockhart, NSW and left school at age 16 and established himself by buying his grandfather’s 400 hectare farm with 10 per-cent deposit and 90 per cent borrowed money.

Working in the shearing sheds to help meet the repayments, he went on to build that initial purchase into the ‘Pastora’ property of today, covering nearly 2,800 hectares running 3,700 breeding ewes.

Not only was Peter a far-sighted, innovative and successful stud Poll Merino Breeder; he was also an inspiring sheep classer, a mentor to many and a champion of worthy causes.

His involvement in sheep breeding began in the early 1970’s when he identified his desired traits for a profitable sheep many years ahead of the industry.

Peter Westblade was passionate aboutbreeding profitable sheep. Being a strong supporter of a balanced approach to all things, his legacy lives strongly amongst those who had the fortune to know such a great man and through the Peter Westblade Memorial Merino Challenge.

Peter Westblade’s son Tim and his wife Rachel now continue the dedication and passion for Merino’s and the management of ‘Pastora’.